Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hi there

Hi everyone, or no one, I might just be talking to myself:) This blog is intended as an outlet, a sounding board and most importantly as a way to finally get over the writer’s block that seemed so concrete and impregnable that I gave up even trying to write some 4 years ago. Apologies in advance for some writing ranging from the nonsensical to the downright boring and pointless. What can I say, sometime you aren't as interesting as you think you are at others you have a really ordinary thought that for some reason seemed really different in your head :) My blog will consist of three kinds of posts, fiction (short stories etc that I write), opinion pieces/diary entries (for the days I just want to put it out into the universe) and any interesting post or link I find that I feel need to be forwarded so more people see them (political or environmental issues, a recipe, new song etc). Any discussion of the above and constructive criticism are most welcome, but please be kind in your comments, I'm a newbie.